Are punch clocks dead in 2022? Here’s why 80% of businesses still use one

Save time and increase productivity

With a punch clock you’ll save plenty of time and increase productivity. This will give you more time to complete other tasks that need to be done. You’ll ease the administrative work for the HR department and you’ll no longer have to keep track of your employees working hours with handwritten time sheets. Instead the time will be automatically registered in the cloud based time clock. All the gathered information the punch clock collects is stored and reported via an automated system. This way the time report and attendance data will be accurate and you won’t need staff for managing the data. The punch clock will make the workforce management process more effective and therefore increase the overall productivity. 

Another great feature with a digital punch clock is the audit trails. Everything that regards the clocking in/out of your employees is recorded and tracked. The high technology the punch clock has excludes the question whether the information is correct or not. It also excludes the risk of favoritism and/or changes in the time sheets. When your employees realize that they are accountable for their actions and overall performance at work – like taking unscheduled breaks or time off, their productivity will drastically increase. 

Improve and optimize your payroll process

With a cloud based punch clock system like TimeplanGo your company can decrease costs that occur when manually transferring the data from handwritten time-sheets. The time reports are transferred to a payroll management system and therefore directly affect the amount the employee will get paid. If the data is entered incorrectly it affects the employees working time. There can therefore occur incorrect information regarding their flex, vacation time and so on. A punch clock automatically registers the employees working hours and the amount they’ll get paid. This ensures that the information regarding payroll is accurate and is transferred correctly.

Eliminate Time Theft

One of the greatest benefits with a digital punch clock is the ability to eliminate time theft. Many employers lose millions of pounds a year due to this issue. A great time and attendance software like TimeplanGo controls your employees working hours on a strict level. With help from the cloud based punch clock you have the ability to implement punching with a fingerprint. This way you’ll know for sure that it actually is the employee him/herself that clocks in. You’ll therefore eliminate so-called “buddy punching”. An employee can’t punch in for another employee with help from their ID code or password. 

The system can also detect if the employee clocks in/out before/after the scheduled shift time. A screen message pops up asking for the reason why the employee clocks in early/late. TimeplanGo also allows you to use wifi-locking. With this function the employees can only punch in when at the workplace. Another function some time and attendance systems have is GPS tracking. This function sends information to the administrator about where the employee was located when they clocked in. This way you’ll have complete control over where and when your employees time reports and therefore eliminate time theft.

Save money and increase your ROI

Investing in a punch clock can lead to a direct return on investment. An ROI can be increased productivity, revenue growth or time savings. A punch clock software like TimeplanGo will give you 100% accurate data for the time reports which ensures you’ll never over or underpay your employees. You’ll get the option to integrate your employees time reports quickly to your quickbooks or send them to your payroll management system. An increase in productivity is not only great for your company’s ROI itself but it also boosts your employees confidence, two birds with one stone! 

Simple and easy to use

It is easy and quick for your employees to learn how to use the punch clock system. There’s no need for an onboarding or training process. The digital punch clock softwares often provides a mobile app that your employees can punch in/out through. This is a great option if your employees work in different locations from week to week. Since the software is cloud based and available through any computer or phone with an internet connection, there is no system that your engineers need to take care of. The software also provides an intuitive interface that makes it possible for company owners and managers to be able to navigate through the system easily. You can without any hassle calculate work hours and set up schedules for your employees.

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